Just like cars heating equipment can be expensive and break down at any time. We do not set up a separate savings account for these items and they will always fail when you least expect it.

Our financing solution is based on low interest rates and easy approval. The base criteria is you must live in the house the heating or cooling equipment is installed in. All we do ask to see if your driver’s license shows your name and the address of the installation. It is that easy.

How it works.

You would like to upgrade your heating or cooling equipment for whatever reason to a value no greater than $40,000.00.  Call us for an estimate to provide your solution. Go to the link on-line and input the value requested plus the requested additional information.

We do not see any financial information. You get approval or a call to ask for more information to get approval from the loans agent. Upon approval we get an email saying the project is approved. We call to schedule the installation or repair. You sign off the work is completed then we submit the invoice to the company. You enjoy your new energy savings and peace of mind with modern equipment.